“What you think you want, what you will to believe, what you decide to love, what you regard yourself as bound to.  It may be too small, in which case it will nail you down.”

Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth, p. 184

The Cultivating Creativity/Hero's Journey Workshop is conducted several times throughout the year.  The next workshop begins in March 2019.  

The workshop is a six week, experiential workshop for artists and other creative individuals who want to: 

  • Increase Artistic Confidence
  • Resolve Creative Blocks and Maximize Productivity
  • Gain Understanding of One's Unique Creative Process
  • Revitalize the Creative Instinct
  • Explore Dream Images
  • Have Fun and Play 

The Cultivating Creativity/Hero's Journey Workshop provides a safe, nurturing environment where artists can build upon their creative curiosity to motivate a playful approach to artistic creation. The workshop has exercises that explore the uncharted waters of the unconscious and dreams for the purpose of gaining greater creative understanding, confidence, and productivity. Carl G. Jung’s theory of artists is used as the basis for understanding creativity and the creative process.

Please contact me today at (310) 384-0086 to set up a free 15 minute consultation to see if this workshop is right for you.

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